Thursday, August 30, 2018

Peasant and landless gathering in Nageswari. New sub-district committee formed.
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On the 9th August 2018 Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF) and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha (BKS) organised a peasant and landless gathering in Nageswari sub-district of northern Kurigram district. Small-scale farmers and landless people from different village of Nageswari sub-district came to the Egaromatha village and attended the procession and rally there. Few BKF and BKS leaders from other sub-districts of Kurigram district also joined in the gathering. The BKS president Asma Begum was present as a chief guest in the gathering.

In the gathering BKF and BKS leaders demanded to the local government to distribute all the Khash land and common water-bodies of Nageswari sub-district to the local landless and fisherfolk people to uphold the Bangladeshi land manual as well as follow the government declaration. Leaders also demanded profitable price for all the agricultural products in the harvesting season. In the gathering leaders spoke about agro based industries which can be sustainable way to solve the severe unemployment problem in the rural area.

In the gathering local leaders expressed their commitment to continue and intensify the fight until fulfil farmers and landless communities demands.

Korban Ali became president whereas Mohammed Mostofa selected general secretary of the new Nageswari sub-district committee of BKF. And Majeda Begum became president and Aisya Begum selected general secretary of the BKS Nageswari sub-district committee. The new BKF and BKS committees vowed to intensify the campaigns to getting food sovereignty and climate justice.

Indigenous organisations came together in Dinajpur to fighting for their future. Jointly observed the Santal peasant revolt day.

Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF), Bangladesh Kishani Sabha (BKS) and Bangladesh Adivashi Samity (BAS) took the initiative and 11 other indigenous organisations from greater Dinajpur region came together to fighting for their fundamental rights. Constitutional recognition of the indigenous communities, forming an independent land commission to ensure the land rights of the indigenous citizens and taking the proper initiative to stop land grabbing of the Adivashis are the key demands. Bangladesh Adivashi Mukti Morcha, Dinajpur Oraon Youth Club, Dinajpur Adivashi Samaj Unnyon Somity, Northern Adivashi Cultural Coalition, Northern Adivashi Student Coalition (NASU), Adivashi Student Parishad, Bangladesh Minority Watch Dinajpur Chapter, Oraon Shisu-Kishor Theatre, Santal Student Union (SASU), Adivashi Chatro Sangathone Habiprobi and Dinajpur Adivashi Foram now active with the BKF, BKS and BAS campaigns for indigenous and peasants rights.

On the 7th of July 2018, BKF, BKS, BAS and other eleven organisations jointly observed historical Santal peasant revolt day in Dinajpur. It was 1855; Santal uprising was against ruthless exploitation of the British colonial rule. On 30th June 1855, a large number of Santals assembled in a field in Bhagnadihi village of Santal Paragana (present Jharkhand, India). They declared themselves as free and took oath under the leadership of Sido Murmu and Kanhu Murmu to fight to the last against the British rulers as well as their agents.

Militant mood of the Santals frightened the authority. A Police agent confronted them on the 7th July and tried to place the Murmu brothers under arrest. The angry crowd reacted violently and killed the Police agent and his companions. The event sparked off a series of confrontations with the Company's Army and subsequently reached the scale of a full-fledged war.

At the outset, Santal rebels, led by Sido and Kanhu, made tremendous gains and captured control over a large tract of the country extending from Rajmahal hills in Bhagalpur district to Sainthia in Birbhum district. However, the rebels could not hold on to their gains due to the superior fire power of the East India Company which was soon aimed heavily at them. Out of 50,000 Santal rebels, 15,000 -20,000 were killed by the British Indian Army. The Company was finally able to suppress the rebellion in 1856, though some outbreaks continued till 1857.

The Santal revolt had a long-lasting impact. Santal Parganas Tenancy Act was the outcome of this struggle, which dished out some sort of protection to the indigenous people from the ruthless colonial exploitation. A Santal territory (Jharkhand) was born. The regular police was abolished and the duty of keeping peace and order and arresting criminals was vested in the hands of parganait and village headman.

Even today Santal revolt is inspiring the indigenous communities and all other agricultural communities to build strong campaigns to get all the rights. In Dinajpur 11 more organisations raises their hands to support and join with the BKF, BKS, BAS campaigns on the basis of the Santal revolt day inspiration as well.

BAS president Sree Bisawnath Singh presided over the meeting in the Dinajpur press club. In the meeting BAS adviser Arif Khan Yousuf Zai was present as a chief guest, whereas Rangpur divisional Hindu Federation leader Kamol Kantha Karmakar, Minority Watch Dinajpur chapter leader Shyamal Banarjhi, Mikhail Tudu, Rima Rebeka Murmu, Gaibandha District BRAC manager Bidhan Baskey, news editor of Daily Janamath Latifur Rahman, Minoti Oraon and Dr Aziz were present as special guests. In the meeting, speakers were vowed to keep the coalition strength and intensify the campaign to preserve the indigenous rights as well as peasant rights. After the meeting, a big procession rounds the different streets of Dinajpur city.   

Thursday, May 31, 2018

BKF and BKS Gazipur district committee formed

Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF) and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha (BKS) formed a district committee in Gazipur district which is one of the biggest industrialised district of Bangladesh and adjacent district of capital Dhaka. In the committee formed council was held on 18 May 2018 in Vadam of Tongi sub-district. BKS president Asma begum was present as a chief guest of the council.

In the BKF Dr. Mostafizur Rahman selected president and Ashraful Alam Babul is general secretary while Rayhan Kabir selected organising secretary of the new Gazipur district committee. In the BKS Dr. Shila Rani selected president and Keya Khan is the general secretary while Jorona Begum selected organising secretary in the newly formed Gazipur district committee.

The new BKF and BKS Gazipur district committee took oath that they will build storng campaing for local peasants, landless and garments workers to reserved their rights. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Protest against extortionist group (Badrul Alam, Zayed Iqbal Khan, Samsunnahar Khan Doli) in Barisal

Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF) and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha (BKS) jointly organised a protest in southern divisional city of Barisal on 16 May 2018. The protest was direct action against the expelled leaders Badrul Alam, Zayed Iqbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli.

In the rally, BKF and BKS leaders said, BKF and BKS central committee were expelled Zayed Iqbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli in 2002 and Badrul Alam led the expulsion process that time as a BKF general secretary. The allegations against them were very serious; they gave fake promise to landless families that they will give the land entitlement of the occupied Khas land. Zayed Iqbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli took money (tens of thousands of

dollars) from thousands of landless families of the occupied different Char (small island). Hundreds of landless people sent written allegations to the BKF central office against Zayed Iqbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli that time. BKF central committee was forced to expel those extortionists then. Last year (August 2017) BKF central committee expelled Badrul Alam because of his human trafficking activities, organisational fund embezzlement and autocratic actions against BKF constitution. Now all three extortionists Badrul Alam, Zayed Iqbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli came together and trying to rip off the landless families again. Recently government declared to distribute fallow land among the landless and the extortionists are desperate to take the chance to embezzle money again from the poorest landless communities of Bangladesh, leaders said in the rally.   

In the rally, leaders also demanded immediate arrest of criminal Badrul Alam, Zayed Iqbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli. 

The rally and procession led by BKS president Asma Begum, vice-president Rehena Begum Mitu, organising secretary Peara Begum, BKF Barisal district committee general secretary Halim Mohuri, BKS Barisal district committee general secretary Renu Begum, BKF district publication secretary Yusuf Akan, district assistant general secretary Sohag Talukdar, BKS district leader Hattya Begum, Gazipur district BKS leader Shila Rani and others. The whole program presided over by BKF assistant general secretary and Barisal district president Harun Vandari.

In the procession, people chanted slogans against the extortionist Badrul Alam, Zayed Iqbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli with placards in hand. The procession rounded different road of the Barisal CBD.

BKF and BKS meeting in Bakerganj

On the 12 May 2018 Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF) and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha (BKS) organised a meeting with grassroots leaders in Katadia Char in Bakerganj sub-district in southern Barisal district. The meeting presided over by the BKF Bakerganj sub-district committee president Enayet Howlader.  

"All the Char khas land have to distribute among to the landless as soon as possible" the meeting demanded to the local government. In the meeting, BKF and BKS leaders also expressed deep concern on expelled leader Badrul Alam. They said that Badrul Alam has now colluded with Zayed Ikbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli who were expelled from the BKF and BKS in 2002 due to hard prove of serious corruption and rape charge. Badrul Alam himself led the expulsion of those leaders. Recently, Badrul Alam expelled from the BKF due to human trafficking activities and abusing BKF and international network La Via Campesina. Now Badrul Alam, Zayed Ikbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli have started again their old manner of corruption.  They are giving the empty hope and taking money again from the landless people. In the meeting, BKF and BKS leaders demanded immediate action against the expelled criminal Badrul Alam, Zayed Ikbal Khan and Samsunnahar Khan Doli.

In the meeting, BKF central assistant general secretary and Barisal district president Harun Vandari was the chief guest while BKS central vice-president and BKS Barisal district president Rehena Begum Mitu was the special guest. BKF Barisal district general secretary Halim Mohuri, BKS Barisal district general secretary Renu Begum, BKF district publication secretary Yusuf Akand, Hattay Begum, Monju Begum, MD. Habib, Altab, Nasir, Hasina Begum were also spoken at the meeting.